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Con SaGa Frontier Remastered Square Enix ha riportato su PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch e PC uno dei suoi titoli più particolari ma anche meno friendly degli anni ’90. Chi vorrà imbarcarsi nella raccolta di tutti i suoi trofei farà bene a sapere cosa fare, dato che alcuni di essi non sono molto intuitivi.
Di seguito vi elenchiamo gli obbiettivi da raggiungere per sbloccare tutti i trofei di SaGa Frontier Remastered.

Combo Artist: Performed a five-technique combo for the first time
Goldsmith: Sold gold for a certain amount of credits or more
Indiscriminate Master: Be possessed by Living Sword or Living Musket
Glimmer Maven: Glimmered a technique for the first time
First Transformation: Transformed into a monster for the first time
First Learner: Infused a monster into a piece of equipment for the first time
WP Maester: Mastered a technique for the first time
JP Maester: Mastered a spell for the first time
Swallowed Whole: Swallowed by Tanzer for the first time
Battle Maniac: Defeated the masked fiend in Dev 2
Moneybags: Had at least 100,000 credits
Technique Performer: Used techniques 100 times
Spellcaster: Used spells 100 times
Arcana Specialist: Received the gift of Arcane Magic
Rune Collector: Received the gift of Rune Magic
Mech Fan: Switched to all mech chassis types
Unknown Entity: Transformed into a monster and became Mariche
Mountain Guardian: Transformed into a monster and became a black dragon
Ancient Fiend: Defeated Abyssbat
Sacrificer: Purchased all items that can be purchased in exchange for LP
Shopaholic: Purchased all types of items sold at shops
Virgil Bester: Defeated Virgil in two turns or fewer
Shadow Mage: Received the gift of Shadow Mage
The Light’s Guidance: Received the gift of Light Magic
Pushing Limits: Defeated the ultimate version of the boss battle chain
The Undying: Transformed into a monster and became a Dullahan

We’ll Get Through It: Viewed Lute’s ending
Goodbye, Margmel: Viewed Riki’s ending
Destined Twins: Viewed Blue or Rouge’s ending
Hello, Sir Thyme!: Viewed T260G’s ending
Agent of Justice: Viewed Red’s ending
Beneath the Chapel: Viewed Emilia’s ending
A Strange Fate: Viewed Asellus’s ending
Investigator Extraordinaire: Viewed Fuse’s ending
Charismatic: Had all recruitable characters join your party
The Frontier: Had Red, Blue, Emilia, Riki, T260, Asellus, Lute, and Fuse join your party
IRPO Agent: Had Ren, Doll, Rabbit, Silence, and Cotton join your party
Secret Organization: Had Roufas, Annie, and Liza join your party
Beautiful Days: Had Zozma, White Rose, Ildon, Rei, Mesarthim, Time Lord, Nusakan, and Silence join your party
Technological Comrades: Had Leonard, ZEKE, BJ&K, Engineer Car, pzkwN, T260, and Rabbit join your party
Monsters: Had Thunder, Suzaku, Slime, Kylin, Red Turnip, Sei, Riki, and Cotton join your party
Red Threads: Had Fei-on and Mei-ling join your party
Special Operative: Had Capt. Hamilton join your party
The Chosen One: Had Rouge join your party
Pathfinder: Visited all regions

Eight Tales Told: Completed the story lines of all eight protagonists

Trophy Collector: Collected all trophies

Ora che avete ottenuto il trofeo di Platino di Saga Frontier Remastered potete dirvi davvero degli esperti di uno dei JRPG più particolari dell’era PlayStation.
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